An Homage to "Masterpiece Theatre", Wayne Knight who starred as "Haskell Lutz" in TVLand's "The Exes"  for 5 seasons, is hilarious. One day on set before the audience came in for the live taping, Wayne was kind enough to let us play out some stories from the life of his character, in the style of Masterpiece Theatre. We enlisted the help of the junior writing staff who was hungry for opportunity, used the wardrobe which he was already wearing for the season finale, and a part of the set that DP George Mooradian, ASC was excited about, as he could feature the fireplace's flickering light. It was a beautiful and expensive set that wasn't really seen much in the episode. To tie it together we made an irritating but delectably repeatable intro using all the props his character was involved with over the course of the show. We always attempt to produce these videos in a way that is encouraging to the cast and crew to be involved.