Throwback Thursday to 2011 (or maybe Dec 2010), when a friend and form of inspiration, Mark Higgins had asked me if I could shoot a music video with him during the holiday break. I wasn't too surprised when he said it was the dropkicks, as he has a dense and cool history in the music scene, but I was honored that he asked me to tackle it with him. We shot it over the coarse of 2 days, not only had the band invited a ton of friends to be in the video, but among them were the fighter Mickey Ward, sportscaster Heidi Watney, comedian Lenny Clark, Shawn Thornton and Milan Lucic of the Bruins and a handful of other celebs who made themselves available for pickup shots.

We had staged a party/funeral in a local funeral home and sort of let the mayhem unfold, picking off shots and then stepping in to stage a few things here and there. For location 2 we had used the back of McGreevy's bar on Boylston St, owned in part by front man Ken Casey. The front of the bar remained open for patrons, who I'm sure must have heard this song 30 times before it even had the chance to hit the radio. It became very run and gun, as we were shoulder to shoulder, it was just like shooting in a crowded bar, but with patient and understanding customers. We had to just augment the lighting with some chimera soft boxes and a couple Arri Fresnels, tweaking them pretty much only for close ups. In between locations we grabbed shots at the beach, in local neighborhoods, anywhere that could play as a fun location for someone getting hit with a snowball, which was something that Ken added to the video the day of, and it played really well. 

Perhaps the coolest part was shooting in Fenway park, empty and filled with snow, it was really cool to pretty much have free reign to walk around this iconic field picking out a location to stage our next shot. Most of all access to locations we got was due to Ken Casey, he knows a lot of people and shows some serious hussle. Just days later, Mark had a cut ready, after he grabbed a few more pickups. I was eager to see it, and help him color, I like way the skintones turned out, they have a warm soft hue to them, it's part of the overall aesthetic that I find pleasing. Sometimes I miss Boston, watching this vid takes me back.